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Home coffee machines

Investing in a coffee machine can be really exciting. It’s your chance to indulge in an appliance that will not only provide you with the best wake up call but even potentially become the centrepiece of your kitchen.


Domestic coffee machines come with varying applications, functionalities, timings for processes, and of course, looks. At Roma, we import only the most stunning espresso coffee machines from ECM in Europe that encompass both high end quality and stylish appeal – for creating your perfect espresso.


If you’re keen to be hands-on with the making of your coffee and get a kick out of both the process and the actual caffeine, you’ll love the manual, barista-style machines. Ultimately, your decision when it comes to buying a coffee machine will depend on your budget, kitchen set up, and personal lifestyle, but remember that whichever you choose, you’ll feel the benefits every day as you sip on your freshly made, cafe-style beverage.


Feast your eyes on some of the world’s best home coffee machines!