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The Roastery


Our family has been roasting coffee since the early 1980s. We even built our own roaster to get started back in 1983. It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Years later, after developing a passion and knowledge for Italian coffee traditions, we found a vintage Italian 30kg Petroncini coffee roaster in Basel, Switzerland. In early 2006 it arrived in New Zealand. We knew this classic Italian roaster would produce beautiful soft roasts, unequalled by modern roasters on the market. A decade later, we had reached capacity so invested in a new 60kg Petroncini. Now, we roast just over five tonnes of coffee per week. We have our smaller 30kg and 10kg roasters for specialty coffee and single origin batches. And along with our 60kg roaster, we can roast 100kg of quality coffee every 15 minutes.

Barista training

We’re self-confessed coffee enthusiasts. And we know that education is central to serving up a perfect coffee every time. We have a dedicated training facility and talented team to train you in the art of exceptional coffee. From flat white to latte and macchiato to espresso, we’ll teach you the ways, the knacks and the flair to give you the confidence and skills to make great coffee, with every extraction.

Coffee machine service

To make consistently great coffee it’s imperative your equipment’s in good working order. We’re on hand to assist when things aren’t going exactly as they should. Problems can be kept in check with a regular maintenance programme, which we offer for all our machines in the marketplace. If repairs are necessary we have plenty of spare parts and back-up equipment available if needed. It’s all about ensuring you can continue to serve up quality Roma coffee on a daily basis.